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¿What is a pre-insulated tubing?

It consists of a plastic or metallic pipe covered by polyurethane for thermal insulation. The polyurethane sheet is protected either with PCV tubing, polyethylene tubing or polyethlylene tape. This latter cover protects mechanically against collisions and inclemency of weather.

¿Which are the most common uses for pre-insulated pipes ?

To convey chilled water in the air conditioned systems in the construction of hotels,hospitals, malls and big buildings. To convey hot water in systems for boilers for hotels,and hospitals, among others. To avoid freezing of drinking water pipings, drainage and protect cable lines.

¿Are there some savings while using pre-insulated tubing?

The systems based on plastics are much lighter and easier to move than the systems based on metals.Therefore less effort and costs are required to move or storage these materials.

What is the life expectancy of our product?

As long as the installation is done properly, our pipes and connections have a life expectancy of more than 40 years. For pre-insulated products the life expectancy is more than 50 years.

Is there a product warranty?

Yes, for the brands we represent, manufacturer warranty applies, as for our pre-insulated products we offer a 5 year warranty for any defect that may have occurred during the manufacturing process.

Up to what diameter do we manufacture?

It varies between schedule 40 and schedule 80, for PVC we have the capacity to produce up to 24’’ carrier pipes, with a 30’’ casing. For steel, up to 48” carrier pipe with a 60” casing.

Which cement do we recommend?

We have a wide variety of products from brands we represent available; ask one of our experts to help you select the best cement for your project.

Is there a price difference between insulated steel and our products?

Our products are significantly cheaper and require less effort and time to be installed, handled and transported.

Which silicone is used to seal PVC pipes?

We recommend using white silicone (Acriflex F130 made by Sista).

How long does it take to deliver our product?

Grupo INCO is the biggest manufacturer of pre-insulated pipes and connectors in Mexico, South America & the Caribbean as such; we have most items ready to deliver in a week’s time.

What is the heat transfer coefficient of our products?

Our rigid polyurethane foam is regarded as the best insulating system currently available, its heat transfer coefficient is: 0.1387 Btu –in/hr-ft2-°f. This makes our products the best option for hot & cold water systems.

Can our products be exposed to the sun & the elements?

Yes, as long as the pipe is protected with a coat of white vinyl paint that has to be reapplied every year to protect the casing form UV light.